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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What happens to the sperm after the vasectomy?

You will continue producing sperm all your life. After the vasectomy, they stay inside the testicles and are destroyed, liquified and reabsorbed into your blood a few days after production. This is a natural process and is the technique that your body already uses to destroy low quality sperm. This is a cycle of producing new sperm and destroying old ones.

Is there minimum age to have a vasectomy?

Dr. Nélisse or Dr.Caouette might consider inappropriate for some of their patients to have a vasectomy (very young patients who have not yet had a child and think that the vasectomy is easily reversed). It is only through individual evaluation that he can determine if the vasectomy is appropriate.

Can I drink alcohol after the operation?

Moderate consumption of alcohol poses no problem after the vasectomy. However, if you have to take medication after the surgery, make sure that alcohol doesn't interfere with it.

Is there a limit of distance I can drive by car after surgery?

No. Some of our patients have traveled all the way from Gaspésie and Abitibi and have driven back without any problems. Although if you do have to travel a long distance, it would be preferable to have someone with you in case you feel uncomfortable during the trip.

What becomes of the titanium staples and will I feel them?

They will remain in your body forever. They will be enveloped by multiple layers of scar tissue and you will not be able to feel them. Once healed, you will feel a small bump on the left and right side of your testicles. Titanium does not rust; it's not rejected by your body; and does not set off any metal detectors.

Can I carry my children after having a vasectomy?

As mentioned earlier, it is important that you do not lift anything weighting more than 20 pounds for 5 days following the operation. Something as simple as installing your child in his or her car seat requires a significant effort in an awkward position which may lead to swelling.

Is icing mandatory?

Not really. Icing helps diminish swelling and pain but it does not accelerate the process of healing. Most patients choose not to use any ice since they don't feel much discomfort after the operation. If however you have some swelling, ice is a good choice. Apply to the scrotum 10-15 minutes, 2-4 times a day for 1or 2 days. Wrap the ice in a wash cloth (never apply ice directly on the skin).

Can my partner assist the operation?

Yes. The operation room is large enough for her to assist. She can sit near you or even watch the operation.

What happens if I don't ejaculate 20 times before I do the spermogram?

That isn't a problem. Sperm dies 2 to 3 months after being produced. The spermogram will show the presence of dead sperm but no live ones. At this point, you are sterile and will not need any further spermograms.

Can I travel after the surgery?

It is preferable to refrain from traveling 1-2 weeks after the intervention. Although rare, complications may arise and you would probably prefer to see the doctor who did the surgery. Also, luggage tends to be heavy and, once again, you cannot lift anything heavier than 20 pounds and cannot take a bath, a spa or swim for 3 days following the operation.

Why shouldn't I do a yearly spermogramm to make sure that I remain sterile?

Firstly, late recanalisation is extremely rare.

Secondly, given that the sperm will flow immediately if the tubes reconnect, the probability of scheduling a spermogram in the following days is very slim. Your partner is more likely to become pregnant before you get your results back. You may test negative one day and the next day your results may be positive. However with a failure rate of less than 1 in a 1000, the vasectomy remains more effective than the contraceptive pill, condoms and even the tubal ligation.

In conclusion, if your spermogram shows that you are sterile 2-3 months after your vasectomy, you will not require any other method of contraception.

Why must I wear tight underwear day and night for 5 days after the surgery?

The less your testicles move the better they heal.

How does the testicles stay in place if you cut the tube?

A lot of tissue, blood vessels and nerves hold the testicles in place. There will be no difference after the intervention.

Will my level of testosterone change after the surgery?

No. Testicles continue to function normally after the vasectomy. During the operation, only the tubes that carry the sperm are sectioned not the blood vessels not the nerves. Hormones like testosterone are transported through blood vessels.

What happens if I have an erection while sleeping during the 5 days after the vasectomy?

This does not cause any problems. They are natural and are no risk after a vasectomy.