Preoperative meeting

The vast majority of patients are already well informed before coming to the clinic. Because of this, and to avoid wasting your time, we no longer require a mandatory meeting with each patient. You will meet the doctor on the day of the procedure. After a few questions and explanations, he will proceed with the vasectomy. In exceptional cases, the doctor will not be able to perform the operation (severe coagulation problems, inguinal hernia that goes down into the scrotum, old surgery on the testicles that would prevent the doctor from palpating your ducts). He will then explain the alternatives available to you.

The one-time visit is very popular with most patients. However, if you would like to meet with the doctor before making your appointment for the procedure, please call the clinic and ask to see him. He will be happy to meet with you to explain the vasectomy and answer any questions you may have.

If you have any questions that are not answered by the information on this site, feel free to ask him via email, or by leaving a phone message for him to call you back.

If you have a particular health condition (blood clotting problem, taking the drug Coumadin, taking daily aspirin prescribed by your doctor, past testicular surgery, scrotal skin disease, etc.), please contact Dr. Nélisse or Dr. Caouette about it before making your appointment, either via email, or by leaving a phone message to call you back.

Preoperative recommendations

On the day of the operation, you can come alone or accompanied. The person who accompanies you may attend the procedure if you wish. If you come alone, you will be able to walk home, take the stairs or drive your car immediately after your vasectomy.

You will be asked to have your valid health insurance card (sun card) with you. If you do not have one, we will have to add an additional fee (see costs)

Image d'illustration d'outil pour le rasage
Image d'illustration d'outil pour le rasage


You will be asked to do a small shave before the operation. The entire scrotum (the “sac”) should be shaved, but there is no need to shave the thighs or the hair above the penis. It is recommended to use a razor blade with shaving cream. Electric razors and depilatory creams (Neet or Nair) are not recommended as they are very irritating to the skin.

Image d"illustration d'un homme en slip
Image d"illustration d'un homme en slip

Tight underwear

It is important to come in with tight underwear on you the day of your vasectomy. Do not wear loose “boxers”. Bathing suit style underwear that lifts the testicles is best.

Image d'illustration de médicament
Image d'illustration de médicament


Avoid taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs (such as Motrin or Advil) in the week before the vasectomy. They “thin” the blood and increase the risk of bleeding during the procedure. If you need something for pain during this week, use acetaminophen (such as Tylenol or Atasol) instead. The day after surgery, you can resume using aspirin or anti-inflammatory medications.